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Designed to collect aluminium cans and plastic bottles with WRAP graphics. Black, honeycomb structure, supplied with 2 x 90 Litre wheelie bins and lightweight 'lift to open' front door. Split Hole apertures for plastic bottles and aluminium cans. Comes wi

Able to cope with even the busiest public areas. Popular uses include street-side recycling in urban locations, tube, rail and bus stations, airports, retail parks, plus sport, leisure and recreational venues.

Made of UV stabilised MDPE.

Has ballast cartridge integrated with unit.

Features and benefits:

* Front opening design creates user-friendly emptying with no lifting required

* Double skin features with patented hexagonal kiss points giving exceptional strength

* Dimpled exterior to resist fly-posters

* Tamper proof 4 point lock engagement

* WRAP compliant graphics as standard

MDPE is extremely durable with outstanding impact, fracture and shatter resistant properties. It is also resistant to most acids, salts and solvents. Acid rain, soot, diesel fumes, salt and seawater will not corrode the unit. Plus the black body colour is permanently moulded-in, eliminating the need for maintenance painting. Units are wear resistant - scratches and parking nudges are less evident.

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