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As you can see from looking through our website, we sell alot of eco business products and services - indeed this is all that we do. We...


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The aperture shape is ideal for mixed recycling where waste providers can sort waste streams after collection Dimensions 550 (W) 1220 (H) 615 (D)

New propeller shaped aperture designed specifically for mixed recycling*

Large 140 litre capacity

Save money and space with a single 'all-in-one' bin

WRAP compliant colour coded aperture and label as standard

Area available for personalised graphic or company logo click here for more details

Suitable for internal and external use

Double skin moulding throughout for exceptional strength

Slam shut door with 4 strong latch points, Optional lock.

Sack retention hoop system.

Units can be linked together to form recycling zones

The Maxi Envirobins are now available with full colour doors to match the aperture. Contact us for more details.

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